Jumat, 16 November 2007

Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis is currently embarking on his first solo tour. Davis and his band will be touring through mid-December, and fans that come to check out the show might be surprised.

Davis is playing re-worked Korn songs, covers and songs from the movie he scored, Queen of The Damned. Davis talked about what his favorites are live and what the vibe of the shows has been like.

""Queen Of The Damned" songs I love. There are Korn songs that I really like, 'Hey Daddy,' and 'Kick The P.A.' because they're so fun. They're super funky. Some of the shows there's chicks dancing in the aisles and people are dancing and head bobbing. It's a totally completely different thing than what Korn would be doing you know ours would be huge crowds of people mosh pits and just people beating the sh-t out of each other. It's just really crazy. This is more laid back, people having a good time, dancing. But this still has that dark vibe to it. It's weird, it's hard to explain."

So how do his Korn mates feel about Davis branching off solo?

Davis notes that for collectors and those that have a new-found appreciation for Davis and his solo stuff, there's both a CD and DVD already available for purchase at the shows.

"Yeah I did... The day before we left for our first show I did a special show at Richard Gibb's house, the woodshed, and we did a DVD and a CD that we've got here that we're selling. It's amazing, the DVD is amazing, all the extras. Richard talking about the band, all the band members, me talking about the making of this whole project, the engineer talking about recording it and putting it all together. It was done in a crazy amount of time. We recorded it, filmed it, and had the product in my hand three days later."

Davis said Korn will undergo a much needed rest, and then get into the studio late in 2008. The band recently released their self-titled album earlier this year.
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